A Seasonal Gift

Season’s Greetings! I’ve constructed a website!

I know, I know – Ned Ludd is probably rolling on his loom. Now I don’t claim to be a technophile, and my next trip to Australia will be for a holiday and not as penal transportation, but I’ve emerged into the 21st century somewhere between Luddite and Geek.

Now, when I say ‘constructed’, I obviously mean that in the metaphysical sense. A bit more conceptual than concrete, I suppose. I figured out what I wanted, and even did some of the ‘click here and write something there’ operations. But every time it got too difficult, I called it quits and went for a cup of tea. And called Victoria to help.

Which she did, when I could drag her away from the launching of her new mega-book, At the Feet of the Sun, for which she had an official book launch – in Boston, Massachusetts. As one does, especially when one has fans who come all the way from Seattle, Washington, to hear you speak and read from your work. Me, I haven’t decided on which coffee shop to ask if I can book a table. But I do have a website.

It’s not a very fancy webpage. The dreams of Musk and Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos were not even remotely interrupted. My niece Rachel probably creates a more exciting experience before her first coffee every morning. But it’s a start.

As I think I mentioned in my last blog, my third novel is now out! Missing is available from Amazon (print and e-copies) as well as Kobo, and our local bookstore here in Charlottetown.

I’m also going to be signing (and selling) copies at the two Artisan Christmas Markets being held at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market (Belvedere Avenue) on 11 and 18 December, so if anyone is going to be around, please drop by!

My Christmas ‘novelette’ is nearly ready to be published. Piracy is a just a bit of holiday fun, a quick read while you’re taking a break between the roast and the mince pies. I’ll send out a note when this new story is available.

But in the meantime, you can check out my new website.

It’s at http://www.jtgoddard.com.

Any thoughts and comments would be gratefully received. It really has been a journey of discovery and I would appreciate it if you could tell me about any loose or broken links, weird transitions, etc. And about any good bits as well, the things you liked!

And if, while you’re there, you decide that you might like to buy an e-book or two (or three), please use this code when you get to the checkout: XMAS22BL

That will get you 15% off your total bill; please consider this my gift to you, with thanks for being such a loyal reader. The code will be valid until Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!

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