Changing of the Guard

My leave from UPEI ended in June 2014. I used the first six months of the year to establish a full support team in Ottawa, with a project management specialist who would take over the handling of the day to day narrative and financial reporting.

In July I returned to the University, although I was able to maintain my Project Director role on an ‘evenings and weekends’ basis. The technical work was conducted admirably by the technical advisors; the field manager maintained a robust office and support network in Kabul; and the project manager handled issues as they arose in Ottawa. I cut my trips back to three a year, one to Kabul for the annual Project Management Committee meeting and two to Ottawa. Here I had meetings with the GAC desk officer who had responsibility for TCAP, and each December we brought the full TA team together to review the year and design strategy for the next year.

These letters from Kabul were written during the visits I made during the first part of 2014.

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