Transition #2: 2013

A busy year

2013 was a very busy year, as we started to implement the project. The Teacher Certification and Accreditation of Teacher Training Institutions in Afghanistan Project (TCAP) was quite complex and required the work of a number of technical consultants with specific areas of expertise. My role as Project Director was to try and keep everyone moving in more or less the same direction, to smooth out any administrative or political ruffles, and to make sure that the desired outcomes of the project were achieved.

This was pretty much a full-time job, with my time divided between Prince Edward Island, Ottawa, and Kabul. I spent a lot of time on planes! I could not manage this work and also maintain my teaching, so I had taken a Leave without pay from UPEI. This allowed me to focus on TCAP, and to record my impressions of my visits to Afghanistan. Plus a summer reflection from PEI!

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