Kabul at Last

It was to be 36 years before I finally managed to get to Kabul.

In 2011 I was asked to be a consultant on a CIDA funded project which sought to develop a teacher education, certification and accreditation structure in Afghanistan. The project was being delivered by WUSC (World University Service of Canada) in partnership with UPEI and was being implemented with the Teacher Education Division of the Ministry of Education. CBC Charlottetown asked me to keep a Blog of my visits, which I did. The originals can be found at:


These first seven blogs describe my experiences during my first mission to Afghanistan. This was an exploratory visit, where we were trying to identify the context of teacher education in that country. It is not very helpful to simply try and import the ideas which you know work at home. In education, context is everything.

During this first mission we were able to not only visit programs and people in Kabul, but also get out to two of the provinces. We travelled to Bamiyan, in the central highlands, and to Mazar-e-Sharif in the north. It was a delight to be able to see some of the country outside the capital and, at last, I felt I was in Afghanistan.

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