Recent Publications (2011-2020)


2020 (forthcoming): Goddard, J. T. Development and implementation of international education policy on PEI: Questions of rurality, population, and environment. In R. D. Trilokekar, M. Tamtik, and G. Jones (Eds.), International Education as Public Policy in Canada. Montreal, QC: McGill-Queen’s University Press. [Publication estimated for Spring 2020]

2018: Goddard, T., Ali, M., & Frideres, J. The long journey for Afghan Teacher Training Colleges: Accreditation and quality assurance. Comparative and International Education / Éducation Comparée et Internationale, 47 (1), Article 6.

2018: Zhang, Y., Goddard, J. T., & Jakubiec, B. A. E. Social justice leadership in education: A suggested questionnaire. Research in Educational Administration & Leadership, 3(1), 53-86. DOI: 10.30828/real/2018.1.3

2017: Goddard, J. T. Serving diverse students in Canadian higher education. Educational Review.

2017: Wiebe, S., and Goddard, J. T. A history of teacher education on Prince Edward Island. In T. Christou (Ed.), The curriculum history of teacher education. New York: Routledge / Taylor & Francis.

2015: Goddard, J. T. When the walls have fallen: Socially just leadership in post-traumatic times. Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, 30 (1), 106-118.

2015: Goddard, J. T. A tangled path: Negotiating leadership for, in, of and with diverse communities. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 14 (1), 1-11.

2013: Goddard, J. T., & Buleshkaj, O. Kosovo: Transitioning school leadership from conflict to coherence. In S. Clarke and T. O’Donoghue (Eds.), School level leadership in post-conflict societies (pp. 145-158). London: Routledge.

2013: Goddard, J. T. Redesign or rearrangement? The intensification of teacher education and the recognition of equity, diversity and internationalization. In Y. Hébert and A. A. Abdi (Eds.), Critical perspectives on international education (pp. 121-134). Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers (formerly Kluwer).