Some Frequently Asked Questions

Note from Victoria Scribens: Sorry everyone for sending out an early draft version! The link for the Afghan Letters is now available.


Some general answers for readers!

It’s always good to hear from people who’ve read the Blog, and sometimes I get asked questions which deserve a wider response. So here are some of the recent ones:

Why is your Blog written by Victoria Scribens and who is she?

Victoria Scribens is the pen-name of my ATM, or Assistant Tech. Monkey, who is really my daughter, Victoria. She helped me design the website in the first place, keeps track of the website analytics, and makes sure everything is organized properly. In the real world she is a writer, gardener, and purveyor of fine cheese. You can read about her and get hold of her novels at

I wanted to respond to your Blog so I hit ‘reply all’ but it tells me the e-mail address doesn’t exist – why not?

The e-mail does exist but we’ve set it up so that it only sends messages – that prevents us from being inundated by robot-Spam. As a result, your message has entered that contemporary purgatory where thoughtful prose floats unread in the ether for eternity. So, if you want to make a general comment, please do so by first hitting the ‘Leave a comment’ button. Your comments won’t appear immediately because Victoria first reviews them to make sure that they’re not too rude or derogatory. If you want to send a private message, just note that in the comment, together with your e-mail, and I’ll reply directly.

Why have I stopped receiving your Blog?

There are a few possible reasons for that. Perhaps your e-mail has changed, and you didn’t change it on the website? Or, perhaps you didn’t see my note asking people to re-subscribe when the privacy laws changed in Canada a couple of years ago? Now you have to actively sign up for the Blog. You can do so on the website at <>, just enter your e-mail at the prompt on the home page.

To have a read of any Blogs you’ve missed then just click on “Occasional Blog” header and follow the prompts.

Where can I find your Letters from Afghanistan?

These Blogs were written over a five-year period before I had the website established. The first ones were published on CBC and the rest went to people on the “sign-up” list. I have now collected these letters together and put them on the website – you can find them here


Why do I keep getting ads popping up with your Blog?

Yes, I know, I find those incredibly annoying as well. I think we have solved this now – we have paid a fee to make the Blog ‘ad. free’ in future so if you still experience problems, please let us know.

Thank you for reading the Blog, and please do send Comments and other messages as I appreciate the feedback.

And thank you again to Victoria for all the work she does to make this Blog appear.


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